Monday, June 27, 2011

♥ Holiday ♥

Now i'm counting days for going back home.
Can't do anything right now.
I'm just thought about home, family, friends, foods and ofcoz Malaysia.
I know it still long to go, but i already pack some of my things.
There so many things i wanna do when i'm go back home.
I wanna spend my holiday with family for sure and wanna help my mom to manage her boutique or nursery.
Wanna help k. Aisyah to look her ' adek-adek ' at Bintulu.
And etc.
Can't wait for 23rd July 2011 ^___^

Sunday, June 26, 2011

♥ I Believe ♥

Falling in love with this song, I Believe by Irfan Makki.
There so meaningful for me.
Can't wait for his new album.
Enjoy the song, I Believe!

When you're searching for the light
And you see no hope in sight
Be sure and have no doubt
He's always close to you

He's the one who knows you best
He knows what's in your heart
You'll find your peace at last
If you just have faith in Him

( Allah )
You're always in my hearts and minds
Your name is mentioned every day
I'll follow you no matter what
My biggest wish is to see you one day

I Believe
I Believe
I Believe

Do you believe, oh do you believe?

Coz I believe
In a man who used to be
So full of love and harmony
He fought for peace and liberty
And never would he hurt anything

He was a mercy for mankind
A teacher till the end of time
No creature could be compared to him
So full of light and blessings

( Muhammad )
You're always in my heart and minds
Your name is mentioned every day
I'll follow you no matter what
If God wills we'll meet one day

If you lose your way
Believe in a better day
Trials will come
But surely they will fade away

If you just believe
What is plain to see
Just open your heart
And let His love flow through

I believe I believe, I believe I belive
And now I feel my heart is at peace